"Memorial Tourist Flight Hans Gutmann 2015"

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"Memorial Tourist Flight Hans Gutmann 2015"

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Posredujem obvestilo in predlog:

Od: "Berens Joële" <berensjo@pt.lu>
Za: "ak-josip krizaj" <ak-josip.krizaj@siol.net>
Poslano: nedelja, 14. junij 2015 11:14:22
Zadeva: TR: Latest News "Memorial Tourist Flight Hans Gutmann 2015"

Hi , my friends from Slovenia ,
With this Mémorial Rally , we land for at your airfield , and continue to LJSC >> LHJK
We will be very happy if we had also one or more participant from your Country !
Even when only you fly for one or two legs

Jean Birgen

Latest News
June 3 rd 2015
Latest News Memorial Tourist Flight 2015.pdf
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July 1 st to 5 th

Hello dear friends,

Please publish this Flyer invitation in your facebook-accounts
and feel free to forward to any pilot organisations and aeronautical friends.

Thank you in advance,

Jean Birgen

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