Airfield Ajdovščina (LJAJ) is situated in western Slovenia, under the ridge of Trnovski gozd and Nanos, and provides good conditions for ridge soaring, which allows gliding in straight line in length of 40 km. The airfield is especially suitable for beginner pilots, who are only starting to collect their first airborne hours. Experiences and hours are quite easy to obtain. However, for advanced pilots it will be no challenge to access either Alps or Adriatic region. Aerotow is required to begin your flight (airfields equipment does not include winch). Most common height needed to reach the ridge is below 500m AGL. Experienced tow pilots will know where to find thermals that will never fail you, therefore you will rarely have to return to the airfield prematurely. Many hills in close vicinity, such as Modrasovec, Kovk and Nanos provide enough thermal lift to gain your height and continue your flight towards Alps. A little more challenging, undiscovered and always waiting for some enthusiasts is southern path, towards Adriatics (gliding map).
Because of its mild climate, soaring in Ajdovščina is also possible on number of nice winter days. Ajdovščina town is well connected, the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, can be reached by highway in one hour, and Italy in 20 minutes. Word famous attraction Postojna cave, Skocjan caves reachable in 30min. Near to Ajdovščina is also Venecia in nearby Italy reachable in one hour 40minutes.

Here are some of the longest flights with Ajdovščina airfield as a starting point: